New Safety Illuminated product for bicycles
and other slow moving vehicles!
This is an innovative combination of a bicycle light with a pole that increases the visibility of a cycle, or slow vehicle, at a higher level. The pole can be used in day light or in the dark when it s illuminated by the rear light. It is detachable and portable.

This product relates to safety of cyclists, especially where drivers of high vehicles such as buses and lorries experience difficulty seeing cyclists and people on scooters, in their proximity, at night or during the day. There are many accidents resulting in fatalities and permanent disability due to collision with large vehicles.

The product is a visual attachment for the bicycle or scooter which brings a sign or an illuminated signal to the eye level of drivers at different heights. It increases substantially the visibility of the cyclist with vehicles all around them. This product complements the rear light of the bicycle and it can be easily removed, stored and carried by the owner in order to prevent theft. The product has a number of innovative features that make it reliable, convenient to use and easy to transport as well as sell in shop racks and through the Internet. It makes use of modern electronic and materials technologies that allow us to design a product which would not have been feasible a few years ago.

The product can be used in a variety of 2, 3 and 4 wheel small vehicles including bicycles, mobility scooters, trailer cycles and other similar ones. The bicycles can be from small child size to adult size. The markets are world-wide, that is wherever vehicles like these are used.
1- It serves a double function as an illuminated pole and the rear light of the bicycle in compliance with regulations.
2- It is mechanically resistant to use and damage on the roads.
3- It is easily detachable for the user to protect it against theft and vandalism.
4- It is portable for the user to fold it and carry it in a small bag, such as a laptop PC bag.
5- It is reliable and efficient in power consumption.
6- It is ergonomic in use and installation.
7- It is adaptable for use in slow vehicles such as child and adult bikes, mobility scooters and child bicycle trailers.
8- It can be installed on most types of bicycles, including those which carry rear racks, cases and panniers.
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Adults, children, commuters, leisure cyclists, couriers, country dwellers, city slickers, scooter users, parents with kids trailers, electric vehicles and more.
Click on the pictures to see more of the product in use.